Mums & Babies

For Expectant Mothers

My work with expectant parents starts off before conception with solid recommendations on what to – and what not to – do before you are expecting. I will explain what changes you will need to make in your lifestyle, job, and diet. One of the best parts of our partnership with expectant mothers – is a month-by-month – in fact a week-by-week -guide to how your baby is developing. This will be accompanied by a thorough guidance of how you are developing – and not just your belly but everywhere, from your hair to your toes – and what you should be feeling. I will guide you through all aspects of the incredible process of birth.

Infant Development

The greatest gifts we can give a child are a sense of physical and emotional well-being, a sense  of comfort and bonding, the joy of being, curiosity, confidence, the ability to relate to others, and organization and problem solving skills. These are greatly influenced by the child’s early movement and touch learning experiences. Through play and handling, parents and caregivers have the opportunity to make a difference in a child’s life. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of skillful training available on basic skills and developmental movement patterns. We facilitate children in learning to speak and read, but passively assume that their movement will develop to its full potential without any kind of understanding or direction on our part.

I will give solid recommendations to parents on changes they will need to make in their lifestyle and diet before and while they are expecting. I will guide you through all aspects of pregnancy and birth.

I will teach you to observe and facilitate normal movement patterns in infants. The approach incorporates the child’s curiosity, interest and individuality. It is child centered and relationship centered, and child oriented rather than task oriented.