One of the common misconception we encounter all the time is that people automatically assume that age equals infirmity. They are convinced that decline and deterioration are an inevitable part of growing older, and it’s very difficult to change their minds on this point. They look around and see the physical breakdowns and diseases that correlate with advancing age in our culture, and they just accept without question that this is the way nature intended things to be. I believe when your body is functioning the way it is designed to function, you should be experiencing boundless energy all the time and as years pass by you should feel stronger.

Using my highly integrated approach to building health I will teach you to listen to your body signals. Your body knows what it needs. It will let you know at every turn whether or not you are eating the right foods for you. There is no diet/nutrition expert, health professional, or medical authority who can compete with your body’s own built-in intelligence.

I will teach you to listen to your body signals. You will be able to take an appropriate action trusting your body´s own built-in intelligence.

Together we will discover your biochemical individuality and work out a customized diet to your own unique body chemistry.

Stress is very often the root of many health problems. Together we will Identify Your Current Levels of Stress. You will understand the major impact stress has on your body.