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Movement in all its variety of forms is an expression of life and is essential to the continuation of life. As we live, we express our life-force in movement; as we move we feel our aliveness. Where movement is both free and functional, there life will be felt to flow freely and strongly. As we develop awareness of the patterns and qualities of our movement, we come to see how our mind moves or is restricted within the body.

I will offer you a way to deepen yourselves to the intuitive wisdom of the body and to nurture your innate capacity to heal through awareness. You will develop awareness of the patterns and qualities of your movement. Specifically, my approach involves direct experience of anatomical body systems and developmental movement patterns, using techniques of movement repatterning and movement reeducation.

By freeing habitual holding patterns, we can access and more fully express the creativity within us. This work enhances the body’s natural healing ability.

Individual sessions with me are custom-tailored to suit your needs. Responding to you, I choose a combination of guided movements drawn from your body systems. You’ll discover your postural strengths and weaknesses and learn new ways to think, feel and move in response to your body.

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Through my repatterning and movement reeducation techniques I want to bring you back to function. I will help you to experience moving with greater efficiency and awareness. Gentle, specific exercises are suggested to help you identify and change limiting movement patterns and gain new awareness, flexibility, connectedness and strength.

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With my grounding techniques you will get a sense of connection with yourself and the surroundings. This will also allow you to discover your body’s unique needs.