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Enzymes and Digestion

Digestion is the most energy consuming process in our body. Altering food intake or altering the demand placed on the digestive system will result in significant changes to overall health. Between 60-80% body energy is used to move food through the digestive system, maintain the balance between the acidity of the stomach and the alkalinity of the body, and most importantly produce massive amounts of digestive enzymes to extract nutrients from foods.
Every minute of the day our digestive food is working hard on breaking down foods, delivering nutrients and expelling waste. Meanwhile, all the other systems in our body including the immune system, reproductive, respiratory, cardiovascular, nervous and muscular systems must share the remaining 20-40% of body’s energy. Isn’t that amazing? The digestive system consume as much as 4 times more than all over systems combined!

Now imagine that something is wrong in your body…the body is capable of handling the problem but it requires additional energy to do so. Where does this energy comes from? It is “stolen” from other systems and most likely will affect digestive system. This is why digestive symptoms are often the first clue that something is wrong with our bodies.

Most people give little thought to the connection between their digestion and their overall health. But those two are closely connected. If we ignore these signs that something in the body is wrong, we set ourselves up for much more serious health issues down the road.

This is one of the reasons that the most obvious use of enzymes to overcome health issue or symptom is to use them to enhance digestion. Whether the purpose is to improve the direct digestive problem or just free up energy for the body to use elsewhere, enzymes directly improve digestion by helping your body to break down the foods you consume.

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